Bodies in burnt out car remain mystery

Bodies in burnt out car remain mystery

The dead and injured bodies have been found in two cars, including the one used by the two men to transport explosives while they planned the attack on Tuesday, the prosecution said.

The court was told they had been in their vehicles to be taken to the nearby bomb disposal squad when two explosions – which one of the men did not notice – were heard from the rear of the vehicle.

“You could smell the fumes coming off the car and a small sp우리카지노ark ignited in the car,” said Judge Stephen Condon, adding that the blasts left “massive destruction and carnage”.

“The police arrived about 40 minutes later and found their car burning in the garden. They could smell the smoke coming off the car.”

The court heard that the car’s engine and petrol tank h카지노 사이트ad also been damaged and two men in the car, one of whom was wearing a mask, had not realised they had left and remained in the car.

Image copyright EPA Image caption The two men had planned the attack without the knowledge of the authorities

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The two men tried to avoid detection

Image copyright EPA Image caption More than 10,000 people attended the opening of the murder trial of Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, who blew himself up on Wednesday

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The two arrested men deny responsibility for the attack in Nice

Image copyright AP Image caption Nice is less than a month after the deadly attacks in Paris in November

French president Francois Hollande and the president of the French nation were at the court for the opening hearing of the trial.

Earlier, it emerged the two men arrested for the attack on the Bastille Day parade – a charge that the two accused deny, saying they were simply trying to avoid detection.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The trial begins on 11 July

Image copyright AP Image caption An international committee was set up after the tragedy to look i바카라사이트nto “the wider context of the terrorist attacks” in Nice

Molenbeek, near Brussels, was the scene of an attack on the Belgian capital in March 2016 that left 32 people dead and 270 injured.

A new trial is due to begin next month.

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