Former navy recruit denied ptsd treatment by veterans affairs doctor

Former navy recruit d인터넷 바카라enied ptsd treatment by veterans affairs doctor


A Navy veteran’s lawyer says he is denying his client the right to receive medical care at the hospital where he has gone to have his teeth and gums extracted after being denied treatment at a veterans’ department.

Claire Hall has gone to St Patrick’s on a variety of occasions for her gums and teeth removal.

Her daughter told 7.30 she has suffered psychological damage and told the ABC they were “disgusting”.

Her lawyer says there were other witnesses present for a second round of extraction, but that they were not informed.

“Our client is denied the right to get dental and dental extractions,” Dr John Harkness told the ABC.

“As a consequence, her gums are almost totally extracted on a regular basis as they are damaged in the course of her포항출장샵 포항출장마사지 treatment at the hospital.

“She’s had a procedure where she got her gums to be taken out on the night before the operation and she was advised by the doctor that she would have to go back and have the procedures two or three days later because she wasn’t sure she would get enough time to be there before her family were due home.”

His client, who works for a defence company and was only recently granted work permits, is not being treated at St Patrick’s but is travelling to Sydney on Tuesday for a joint hearing with her lawyer on the matter.

Dr Harkness says while Mr Hall went to hospital because of a stress reaction, he was treated at another department, at Melbourne Health.

He says the Army could have stopped Mr Hall from going, if it wished to.

“It’s not the Army’s job to determine who gets treated and when,” Dr Harkness said.

“I can see why the Department of Veterans Affairs has a policy not to make sure that their patients get the treatment that’s being given to them.

“If you were to take that on board 구미출장안마you would have to say yes and therefore if they did have a policy not to let people do these things, which would seem to indicate an attitude to not do so.”

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