Quokka numbers surge following northcliffe fire: ABC 7 News Adelaide

Quokka numbers surge following northcliffe fire: ABC 7 News Adelaide


Police say they are worried the number of new cases will fall further following another south-eastern fire that destroyed a residential property in north-east Adelaide.

Emergency services rushed to the scene in the town of Northcliffe on Thursday after crews battled an arson fire and found a structure with charred remains.

Police say more than 100 fires are still burning across north-east Adelaide with no casualty figures available.

More than 50 fire crews responded to both fires in just 24 hours, with crews clearing buildings and other damage to a property in north-east Adelaide.

“It’s a little difficult to make an estimate as we’re still investigating and a lot of the building damage is extensive,” Chief Inspector Paul Chumley said.

“What we do know and what we are seeing from the public is that there are fires spreading throughout the north-east area of Adelaide.

“There’s still smoke and there’s still fire activity.”

Assistant Chief Commissioner John Mudge says it’s not unusua바카라l in such a short time frame.

“There’s a lot of good, clean, peaceful fire acjarvees.comtivity going on,” he said.

“We have fire teams and units going about their business and that’s pretty routine for us.”

Mr Mudge says he can confirm a number of additional charges have been laid against a man, 23-year-old Daniel Williams.

“The matter is currently under the jurisdiction of the Adelaide Police Service, it’s a matter for their enquiries,” he said.

Commissioner Chumley says it appears the fire started on March 16 and caused significant damage to the property, and he hopes the investigation does not drag on for too long.

“I’m not trying to rush things but it’s a shame that it did take such a더킹카지노 long time,” he said.

“We had six weeks to assess the property and we now have to go back again and assess the damage to the building.

“I’d like to think that if we can find somebody in time to talk to them there will be some sort of closure for them and hopefully that’ll happen pretty soon.”

One of those who has lost family in the fires in the area is former chief executive of Firearms Australia Tim Kelly.

Tim Kelly, executive chairman of Firearms Australia, says the situation he has been living in South Australia, where he had to relocate to after he was called to th

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