Shepparton family violence survivors book launch with support

Shepparton family violence survivors book launch with support

Eighty-three families in the UK have contacted Leighton Andrews, chief executive of St Vincent’s and the Grenfell Centre, asking him to launch a book with support to help victims of family violence.

“It is incredibly humbling to be contacted by people all across the UK and in every country that has a long history of the service they provide,” said Andrews.

“This is an incredible chance to highlight family violence services as part of a campaign with St Vincent.”

Appointing Andrews to lead this team on this issue is another challenge for him.

“A lot of people in the public sector want more funding for these services,” he said.

“I think the fact that우리카지노 we have a team of people we can be working alongside is fantastic.”

The book on homelessness, Family Violence, is entitled ‘Family Violence’ and will include a number of extracts from stories that are featured on this site, along with stories from Leighton Andrews.

The project has been endorsed by the St Vincent Trust and the government, and it follows an earlier campaign with the help of the British Red Cross.

Family violence survivors who contact Andrews may send their stories through a support form at A copy of the book will also be released online on 25 September.

“I am looking forward to what his team will achieve,” said Leig카지노 사이트hton Andrews.

“They will be working with organisations all over the world to highlight the need for more help for people in St Vincent’s care, including their unique challenges and strengths.”

Family violence victims and their supporters are asked to sign up at to keep up to date with the launch.

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