Us attacks france at security conference in Cannes, France

Us attacks france at security conference in Cannes, France

In a statement, Macron said that he was pleased France did not have to “resolve these questions directly”.

Aides said that the candidate was also satisfied that France’s system of parliamentary oversight and investigation was working.

“It’s now time for the election campa예스카지노더킹카지노ign to start,” one source close to Macron said.

Meanwhile, France’s prime minister, Manuel Valls, has warned of more radicalisation on French soil as a result of Islamist radicalisation.

He was reacting to an apparent video released earlier this month claiming to show two brothers, who were born on separate occasions, attempting to go abroad and fight for Islamic State (Isis).

In the video, said to belong to the brothers Kouachi and Anis, the brothers allegedly call on their “brothers” on the “dark web”, asking for money and instructions.

They then go to Nice, France’s second largest city, where the gunman was gunned down.

On Sunday, Hollande vowed to clamp down on security threats and terrorism.

“The problem we have today is우리카지노 not Islam,” the president said at a news conference.

A separate security alert in Paris warned of further attacks as police prepared for a possible terror attack in France.

The threat level remained in the “severe” category for nearly two weeks following the Nice attack.

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