Vaile hints at wa regional hospital intervention

Vaile hints at wa regional hospital intervention

The mayor of Quebec City says he will make urgent remarks to provincial health o카지노 사이트fficials about rising cases of syphilis linked to health-care workers’ urine.

Etobicoke-born Etobicoke councillor Mark G우리카지노rimes says his town will meet Wednesday with health officials to make recommendations on ways to reduce syphilis transmission in a city that’s had an average of more than 200 cases바카라 this year.

The city’s population is close to 70,000, and about half of that is Catholic, said Grimes. He says the number of syphilis cases should be at or near the city average of one a year, with the problem increasing if a resident stays in the same residential district for too long.

Grimes and a team of community health volunteers are visiting St. Vincent de Paul Hospital, where the syphilis cases have been most intense, to try to figure out why.

More than 100 hospital patients treated with antibiotics have tested positive for syphilis in the past year, while more than 20 have tested negative for the disease.

“These patients, unfortunately, haven’t yet got that flu like I had when I was a kid and it hit like the nail on the head, so in order for us to save this life they need to have regular care and regular antibiotics,” he said.

The city’s health commissioner says syphilis, which usually affects men, women, and babies, is particularly deadly and must be dealt with early.

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